Your 4th of July Fashion Questions: Answered.

Whether your going to a BBQ with the family, watching the fireworks with your man or hitting the beach with your girlfriends, you want to look as sophisticated as possible on the Fourth! The good old red white and blue can sometimes stir up panic in a fashionistas outfit plans but don’t fret. Your 4th of July Fashion Questions: Answered. 


Q: Is it cheesy to wear American flag prints on the Fourth of July?

A: Not really, not on the fourth anyway.  Sure, it’s a little costume-y,  and done by literally everyone, but who cares? It’s fun and it will help you and all of the people around you get in the American spirit. It’s the birthday of this fabulous country and I assume our founding fathers would be disappointed if you didn’t rep our flag.


Q: Is there a sophisticated way to wear red, white, and blue?

A: I’m a big fan of going all out and embracing the wilder, more theatrical side of holiday dressing (see above), but there are certainly ways to dress patriotically without wrapping yourself in a giant American flag. Follow these tips and bang-bang; you’re as sophisticated as champagne and fireworks.

1. Instead of stars and stripes, try plaids, polka dots, florals, and solid-color clothes and accessories. And if you do decide to go for the traditional star and stripe prints, look for ones that are a little more delicate, like tiny stars and narrow stripes.

2. Choose shades and tones of red, white, and blue that are different from the ones on the actual flag — brighter, softer, darker, whatever you’re feeling.

3. Mix in other prints and colors so that the red, white, and blue is just a part of your look and not the whole thing.

4. Add textures like lace, leather, and eyelet to make the whole look feel a little less flat and flag-like.

5. Build your look around either red, white, or blue, and use the other colors — or even just one of them — as accents.


Q: I got invited to a fancy barbecue on the Fourth. What do you wear to a fancy barbecue?

A: It’s probably just like any other garden party, but with a little less denim. Just steer clear of cutoffs and flip-flops and you will be fine. Any type of semi festive dress will do the trick. For the guys I suggest a button up and colored pants, keep it preppy.  Also, for your own sake and the sake of your host’s lawn, leave the stilettos at home and go for either flats or a nice, chunky heel or wedge which is less likely to sink into the grass. Feel free to bring out your fancy accessories for this is not your typical keg stand and hot dog barbecue, don’t be afraid to prove that the Fourth of July can be sophisticated.

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Q: I love all these red, white, and blue and American flag clothes and accessories, but I feel like I can only wear them on the Fourth of July and Memorial Day. Is there a way to make them look sophisticated during the rest of the year?

A: Totally! Just because they get sold a lot around the Fourth, doesn’t mean they are as holiday-specific as, say, a Christmas tree print would be. Use them as layering pieces so they don’t dominate your look or wear other attention-grabbing prints, embellishments, and accessories to try to draw the eye.