Cute Signed Jewelry – Loans for Jewelry Boca Raton

loans for jewelry boca raton

Buying a piece of jewelry can be like buying a piece of art.  There are so many different metals, stones, shapes, and sizes that it can be overwhelming.  However, just like art, when you see a necklace or ring you love you just know it.  Maybe it has the right color, or the perfect combination of stones, but something about it makes you fall in love with it.  With so many different jewelry designers in the world you know there is something out there for you.  The most popular jewelry usually comes from signed pieces.  When someone refers to a signed piece it usually means a piece designed by a well known jewelry designer; for example Cartier, Tiffany & Co., David Yurman, etc.  Here are some of the cutest pieces of signed jewelry we have in stock today.  Loans for jewelry Boca Raton.

loans for jewelry boca raton

1.  Tiffany Quattra Pendant

The Tiffany Quattra Pendant is in the shape of the classic Tiffany Key.  Tiffany has been making pendants and necklaces with keys for decades.  They say that keys are symbols of a bright future.  This particular pieces is crafted in platinum and 18k gold.  It features 0.37 ct of diamonds and is 1.75 inches long.  It is a stunning piece that will shine on your neck.

loans for jewelry boca raton

2.  Roberto Coin Diamond Hoop Earrings

Diamond hoops are always a classic for any woman.  Roberto coin excels in making drop dead gorgeous hoops.  These Roberto Coin diamond hoop earrings are of the inside out variety.  This means that instead of the diamonds going all the way around the outside of the earring, the second half actually go inside the earring so that all the diamonds are facing forward.  After all, what is the point of having diamonds on the back if you can’t see them?  They are crafted in 18k white gold and feature 1.53 carats of diamonds.

David Yurman Cable Bracelet

3.  David Yurman Cable Bracelet

David Yurman is one of the smartest jewelry designers today.  His most popular pieces are mostly made with silver and sometimes feature gold.  They all feature colorful gemstones.  What is so smart about what he makes is that it is relatively affordable compared to Cartier of Tiffany & Co. because everything is mostly silver.  However, on a relative basis, he is actually charging more compared to the spot price of that metal.  So since silver is so cheap he can sell it relatively inexpensively but still charge a huge premium because of his popular designs.  This bracelet above is what Yurman calls a cable bracelet.  As you can see the way the bracelet is made looks like a cable.  It has 18k yellow gold ends with purple amethyst stones.  It is a cute bangle that can be worn every day.

Bulgari Parentesi Blue Topaz Diamond Ring

4.  Bvlgari Parentesi Blue Topaz Diamond Ring

Bvlgari often gets lost when you mention the top jewelry designers in the world, but it more than deserves to be mentioned with them.  Bvlgari has been making some amazing pieces for hundreds of years.  The above ring is crafted in 18k white gold.  It features a large round light blue topaz that is stunning to see in person.  Down the sides of the shank are some small diamonds that just add to this already beautiful ring.