Pre-Owned Watches Boca Raton vs New Watches

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When you’re in the market for a luxury watch is it better to buy a new watch or a pre-owned watch?  The answer depends on what your motivation is for buying a watch.  Before, I answer which is better, let’s figure out what kind of customer you are.  If you are someone who has so much money you don’t know what to do with it, buy a new watch.  Since money is no object to you, you might as well buy something brand new that no one else has worn before.  But, if you are like 99% of us, you may want to consider purchasing a pre-owned watches Boca Raton.  Here’s why.

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Watches are like cars.

When you purchase a brand new car and drive it off the lot, what happens?  It’s value decreases in half right?  Try to sell that car a day later and you are going to take a huge hit.  Same thing goes with watches, even high end watches.  Buy a brand new Rolex Day-Date today for $30,000 and try to sell it tomorrow.  You will be lucky to get $15,000.  Why take such a big hit when you can find the same watch for $20,000 and it’s only a year or two old?  And unlike cars, a watch does not break down as easily or as quickly as a car.  In fact, most luxury watches are built and designed to last from one generation to the next.  A 2 year old watch is no different from a brand new watch.

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You will save money.

Besides health and happiness, money is the most important thing to all of us.  So why throw it away on something when you don’t have to?  The best part about buying a pre-owned watch is saving money!  Even brands like Patek Philippe who never discount new watches you can buy at a significant discount pre-owned.

Rolex Milgauss

Watches last longer than cars.

As I mentioned before, watches are like cars in that once you buy and wear it home, it automatically drops in value from what you paid.  However, unlike cars, they last forever.  Rolex watches made in the 70’s and 80’s are still fetching huge premiums.  Instead of taking your car in every year for a service, with a watch you only need to take it in every five or six years.  These watches are built to last and last a long time.  It is not uncommon for a high end watch to be passed down through two, three, or four generations.

Good investment.

If you buy the right pre-owned watch at the right price it can be a great investment.  Let’s take for example the Rolex Submariner.  In the 70’s this watch was sold for less than $1,000.  Now, if you kept your Rolex in proper working order, 40 years later it can be worth $15,000 or more!  That’s a huge increase in value over a relatively short amount of time.  Try getting that kind of return in the stock market.  While that is an unusual case, it’s not uncommon to buy a pre-owned watch, wear it for five years, and sell it for around the same price that you bought it for.  These watches hold their value extremely well and are often considered another form of cash.