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30 Watch Reviews – Sell Watches Boca Raton

July 26, 2016

#AskBRP Episode 30 – 30 Watch Reviews

For our 30th episode I decided to quickly review thirty different watches.  It may sound like a lot but I reviewed each watch rather quickly.  Below are the 30 reviews.  Sell watches Boca Raton.

Breitling Colt

1.  Breitling Colt, Automatic, Stainless Steel – great everyday watch.

Omega Speedmaster Pre-moon

2.  Omega Speedmaster Chrono, Vintage, Stainless Steel – excellent everyday watch, matches with any outfit.

Ladies Rolex Datejust

3.  Ladies Rolex Datejust, Stainless Steel, Tapestry Dial – Small case size for 2016, but classic ladies watch.

Ebel Chronograph

4.  Ebel Chrongraph, Stainless Steel and Rubber, Automatic – Ebel is a bit lower end compared to Rolex, but watch looks fantastic and has a very reliable movement.  Good price point.

Rolex Datejust Two Tone

5.  Rolex Datejust, Two Tone, Tapestry Dial – Classic watch, 36mm case size is a bit small in 2016.  Jubilee bracelet makes it more dressy.

Bulgari Stainless Steel Dress Watch

6.  Bulgari Steel and Leather Automatic – Great summer watch for the beach.  Good looking watch.

Corum Admiral's Cup

7.  Corum Stainless Steel Admiral’s Cup – True boating watch with tide function.  If you are a boater you need this watch.

Rolex Vintage Day-Date

8.  Rolex Vintage Day-Date Yellow Gold – Classic dress watch, great price point because of the age.  Looks modern.

Rolex Midsize Two Tone Datejust

9.  Rolex Datejust, Two Tone, Midsize – Perfect ladies size, 31mm, Jubilee bracelet makes it fancy.

$20 Gold Coin Watch

10.  $20 Gold Coin Watch – Very cool watch literally made out of a gold piece.  Has a battery movement inside.

Rolex Ladies Datejust

11.  Rolex Ladies Datejust, Two Tone, With Diamonds and Rubies – If you like red, this watch is for you.  Dial is red with diamond markers and the bezel is diamonds with 4 rubies at 3, 6, 9, and 12.

Hermes Belt Buckle Watch

12.  Hermes Belt Buckle Watch, Stainless Steel – Great price point for a super high designer brand like Hermes.  Cute little watch, fun for everyday.

Hublot MDM

13.  Vintage Hublot MDM Steel and Rubber Watch – Precedes the Big Bang.  Good looking reliable watch.  Not over-sized.  Hublot name for less.

Cartier Roadster Men's Size

14.  Cartier Roadster Large Size Stainless Steel Non-Chrono – Discontinued model.  Not sure why, very unique and aggressive looking.  Perfect name as it looks like a Roadster.

Cartier Ladies Tank Francaise

15.  Ladies Cartier Tank Francaise, Stainless Steel – When you think Cartier watch, you think Tank.  Popular for decades and will continue to be.  Timeless design.

Rolex Two Tone Sub

16.  Rolex Two Tone Submariner, Black Dial – Most popular watch in the store.  Two tone blends perfectly.  Good gent’s size at 40mm.

Rolex Two Tone Serti Dial Sub

17.  Rolex Two Tone Submariner, Silver Serti Diamond Dial – Good watch to wear everyday but fancy enough to wear for a night on the down.  Little blingy because of the diamonds.

Rolex Day-Date President Watch

18.  Rolex Day-Date Bark Finish with Diamonds – Good watch to wear with a suit.  Says, I’ve made it.  Diamonds spice it up even more.

Tag Heuer Link with Diamonds

19.  Tag Heuer Link with Diamond Dial – Good watch to wear everyday and a bit different with the diamond markers on the dial.

Cartier Pasha GMT

20.  Cartier Pasha GMT – Rare model.  Has GMT function which means it can tell two time zones at the same time.  Skeleton back to see the movement is a nice touch.

Breitling Vintage Two Tone Chronograph

21.  Vintage Breitling Chronograph – Nice two tone vintage watch.  Seinfeld has been seen wearing a watch very similar to this on his famous TV show.

Rolex Day-Date President Watch

22.  Rolex Day-Date President, Bark – black diamond dial looks super classy.

Rolex Stainless Steel Submariner

23.  Rolex Stainless Steel Submariner – started as a dive watch, turned into the entry level high end sport watch.  It is the gateway drug to high end watches.

Rolex Yachtmaster

24.  Rolex Yachtmaster – Similar watch to the Submariner, but a bit more dressy as it features a platinum bezel.

Rolex Ladies Two Tone Datejust

25.  Rolex Ladies Two Tone Datejust – Fluted bezel ads a great look to this watch.  Reflects the light well and almost looks like diamonds sparkling.

Rolex Vintage Datejust

26.  Vintage Rolex Stainless Steel Datejust – Has a an amazing gray dial and the bracelet is in excellent condition.

Rolex Two Tone Sub Blue Dial

27.  Rolex Two Tone Submariner, Blue Dial – in my opinion the blue dial and bezel look better than the black dial and bezel.  Little more fun.

Rolex Yellow Gold Yachtmaster

28.  Rolex Yachtmaster, 18k Yellow Gold – Very cool watch.   Sporty yet expensive.  White dial is clean.

Rolex Two Tone GMT Ceramic

29.  Rolex Two Tone GMT Ceramic Bezel – Bezel is big and easy to read.  Can view three time zones at the same time.  New updated Rolex case and bracelet make for a great watch.

Dior Lady Pink Ceramic Watch

30.  Pink Dior Lady Watch – Rare watch.  Pink ceramic features are very cool.

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