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Fake Daytona vs Real Daytona – Sell Watches Boca Raton

September 7, 2016

Sell Watches Boca Raton

Can you tell the difference between a real Rolex Daytona and a fake one?  Are you sure?  Because sometimes it’s harder than you may think.  Rolex is the number one selling watch company in the world in terms of revenue per year.  It goes without saying they are a highly sought after watch.  But since their retail prices are so high, most of us cannot afford one.  Which is where the billion dollar counterfeit watch market comes into play.  Why spend $10,000 on a Rolex Submariner when you can get the exact same look in a fake watch for $150?  After all, to the naked eye the look identical right?  And this is what the high end brands deal with on a daily basis.  They are loosing customers who possibly could have stretched and bought that Rolex Daytona but instead bought a couple fakes just to look cool.  Which leads me to my original question, can you tell the difference?  Let’s compare a real Rolex Daytona to a fake one I saw recently.  You decide for yourself.  Sell watches Boca Raton.




So at first glance, these two watches look the same.  If you ignore the colored circles marking the flaws they appear to be the same watch, obviously one has a black dial and one has a white dial but they look the same.  And here’s the thing about Rolex watches, if you have a Rolex Daytona and I have a Rolex Daytona, they will be identical.  They come from the same factory in Switzerland and are all produced in such high quality.  Sure, from year to year the font might change ever so slightly or a line of text may be added or removed, but overall they are the same.

So let’s start at the top.  If you look at where I circled the 60 in both pictures, clearly it should be located central in the bezel.  But on the fake Daytona it is closer to the top.  Without proper training this is something you might easily miss, but once you put a real next to a fake you notice it right away.

(Figuring out whether a Rolex is real or fake can be very difficult.  However, once you notice one thing wrong with the watch you can determine it is fake.  That is because Rolex is so precise in designing their watches, that one imperfection marks a fake.)

Next let’s look at the word Daytona in red in the middle.  See how crisp and clean it is printed on the real Daytona?  And how the font on the fake is kind of bold and blurry?  This is the difference in quality I’m talking about. Rolex prints at such a high quality that it is not cost effective for the companies who make the fake watches to mimic them in that respect.  Especially because the font on a dial can only be seen up close, the fake companies are not concerned with that as much.  But you can clearly see a difference between the two and it is a major indicator of a fugazi.

Third, look how thick the markers are on the fake Daytona and how thin they are on the real one.  Again, this is something you would not notice unless you had a lot of experience looking at luxury watches or if you had a real one next to it.  For whatever reason, most likely cost, the fake dial could not produce crisp thin markers.  It should be noted that Rolex only uses white gold on its dials as markers where as a fake watch would not use white gold due to cost.

Finally, look at the bottom of the dial.  See where it says Swiss Made.  This is actually very important to determining whether a watch is real or fake.  For some reason, the fake watches never get this part right.  It seems so simple but for whatever reason it is always different.  You can see how the spacing on the real dial is much further apart than the spacing on the fake one.  It’s a dead giveaway.

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