New Ghost Hunter App For iPhone Boca Raton

New Ghost Hunter App For iPhone Boca Raton

A new 99 cents iPhone Boca Raton app came out recently called, ” Spirit Story Box.” The app was created by Roger Pingelton and Jill Beitz, of Greenwood, Ind. The creaters claim that with the app, you can message and detect ghosts and spirits that are nearby. You can do so by tracking “certain environmental elements” around your iPhone. Also, the app can “examine values within the device that a spirit should theoretically be able to manipulate.”

Over a period of time, the app measures fluctuations and based on the data, will interpret a message from the said ghosts or spirits. After a few minutes, the app uses a word generator to translate the nearby energy of the spirit and turns it into short words or phrases. Examples of resulting messages can be, fingers, secrets, strychnine and these messages will scroll across your iPhone screen. It is kind of like texting someone from the dead long distance.  You can even forward the messages to your family and friends. The app basically translates energy into words. ghost app 1

The developers do say that app is intended for entertainment purposes only. Pingelton said, “we just want people to have fun with it.”  His said this app he created was inspired by the app for the Android called, “Ghost Radar for Android.” The developers, Roger and Jill, suggest that to get the best results, they recommend taking your phone and app to a place that you either know is haunted or you suspect it to be haunted. Allow the app to run for about ten minutes, but don’t let it run any longer before you turn it off. They encourage people to have an open mind about the app and to just have fun investigating.

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