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The fashion world is very competitive. All top brands have to be on their toes and keep bringing new and stylish products to keep their costumer’s loyalty. Besides the top brands link Louis Vuitton, Chane and Hermes, there is a brands that is getting a lot of space in this crazy market. It is VBH. Buy handbags Boca Raton

Created by Vernon Bruce Hoeksema (VBH), in 2000, the brand quickly became one of celebrities favorite brand. After working for 16 years for the top designer Valentino, Hoeksema decided to design his own line of handbags.

VBH handbags are handcrafted in Florence, Italy and are one of the most popular handbags among the top celebrities. The first piece designed by Hoeksema was a handbag called Manilla Envelope, which became the brand’s iconic evening clutch. A handbag created to be extremely functional, the Manilla became the fist choice for many celebrities. Since its creation, this handbag has been several time on the red carpet and with most top celebrities in Hollywood.

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VBH exquisite handbags are made of very exotic skins like lizard, python, ostrich, and alligator and have been carried by Jennifer Lopez, Gwen Stefani, Eva Longoria, Mary J. Blige and Nicole Kidman.

After the success with their exotic animal skins handbags, VBH decided to launch heir first “animal-free” handbag collection. With the challenge of re-creating the style, texture and quality of their handbags with alternative material, VBH crated the VBH Brera. The Brera was handcrafted in Florence from quilted black ecopelle—a man made alternative to leather. The challenge with this new material was later celebrated by Hoeksema, who said “…finally we have something that is luxurious, special, and just as beautiful as the rest for our vegan-conscious and discerning clientele.”

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