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Sell Rolex Boca Raton

Rolex gave everyone what they wanted at Baselworld 2014.  They introduced a ceramic GMT II with a Pepsi bezel.  A tribute to the pre-ceramic GMT II red and blue.  What no one wanted was a new Cellini, but Rolex gave us three: reference 50505, 50515, and 50525.  The Cellini line clearly falls behind the Oyster line, but these new Cellini’s will increase demand.  All three have a very similar design and are exactly the same size.  The difference between them is their functions.  It might make you want to sell Rolex Boca Raton and trade for one of these new Cellini’s.

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New Rolex Cellini Time in white gold.

Reference 50505, nicknamed Cellini Time, is the simplest of the three.  The only function it boasts is keeping the time.  The dial has elongated roman numeral markers at 3, 6, 9, and 12.  Regular elongated stick markers make up the rest.  You can pick between white or rose gold for the 39mm case and the dial comes in either white lacquer or black lacquer.  The movement is an in house self winding Rolex movement.  The Cellini Time truly looks like a classic watch that is meant to be worn dressed up.

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Rolex Cellini Date in Rose Gold with a Black Dial

Next is reference 50515.  This one is called the Cellini Date, which makes sense as its main feature is a subdial at 3 o’clock that displays the date.  This one does not have roman numeral markers, but regular stick markers  instead that look elegant around the dial.  At 3 o’clock is the subdial that displays the date.  It shows odd number dates with a dot in between while the one hand points to the correct date.  The case size on the Date is also 39mm and is found in either white or rose gold.  Dial colors are either black or white guilloche.  It too has an automatic movement.  A bit of an upgrade from the Cellini Time, the Cellini Date is a classic watch in its own right.

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Rolex Cellini Dual Time in Rose Gold

Finally is reference 50525, the Cellini Dual Time.  And yes, it has the same case measurements as the Cellini Date and Cellini Time, 39mm.  And yes, it comes in two case metal variations: rose gold and white gold.  But the coolest feature about this Cellini is a dual time function.  It can keep track of two different time zones simultaneously.  At 6 o’clock there is a sub dial that shows a separate time.  There is also an indicator that shows if it is night or day.  The Cellini Dual Time also houses a Rolex automatic movement.  The Dual Time is the most complicated of the three new designs and will therefore cost the most.

Retail prices for the three new Cellini models have not yet been released.  I am assuming the least expensive will be the Time, followed by the Date, with the Dual Time costing the most.  The Rolex Cellini line has had a bad reputation, but I think these three will turn it around.

by, Seth Marcus at Boca Raton Pawn


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