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pawn watches boca raton
Hublot Bi-Retrograde World Cup 2014

Hublot introduces a watch specially designed for the 2014 World Cup in Brazil.  Not only does it feature Brazil’s national colors yellow and green, but it has a “soccer timer” function that can time both halves of a soccer match.  Back in the 1970’s there were special watches that had soccer timers, but nothing like this.  Hublot built and designed their own movement that was optimized for this function.  The yellow and green hand keep track of the seconds and minutes during a half of a soccer game.  There is a smaller main timekeeping window at 6 o’clock so that you can wear the watch in everyday life as well.  This is a great watch if you need to pawn watches Boca Raton.

pawn watches boca raton
Close up shot of the dial a soccer timer function.

What makes this watch so special is the originally designed in-house Hublot movement caliber HUB1260.  There are 365 separate parts that make up the movement and a patent is pending on its design.  How does it work you ask?  Well it’s more simple than it looks.  Just like a normal chronograph, there are two buttons, one above the crown and one below.  When you press the green button at the top it starts the green seconds hand.  When it reaches 60 it snaps back to zero and the yellow minute hand goes forward one.  The minutes scale goes to 45 which is in red and marks how many minutes are in one half of a soccer game.  You can continue the timer all the way to 60 if you need to for extra time.  When you stop the seconds hand with the top green button, the dial in the middle changes as well.  It will either show a 1 (first half), 2 (second match), and end of game.  The green and yellow colors pay tribute to the host country of this year’s World Cup.

pawn watches boca raton
Close up of the timekeeping function.

The display for the main timekeeping function is located at 6 o’clock.  It is much smaller than usual.  There is also a 3-pointed disk at 9 o’clock that shows the wearer that the watch is functioning properly.  It spins continuously.  The power reserve for the HUB1260 is approximately 72 hours and it is automatic.  The case is 45.5 mm and comes in either ceramic or “King Gold”, which is primarily rose gold.  200 models will be made in ceramic and sell for $26,300 and only 100 will be made in King Gold for $42,400.

by, Seth Marcus at Boca Raton Pawn

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