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Ring Cam Captures The Big “Yes”



If you are a man and you are married or engaged, you know how important is when you walk up to your girlfriend and present her with that big diamond engagement ring. If you felt nervous imagine how she felt. Most women dream about getting married every single day of their life. Getting engaged is just the beginning of turning that dream into reality. Buy jewelry Boca Raton

We all have seen on TV what women look like when they are surprised with an engagement ring. Usually, looks like they are having a heart attack. Some women jump, some fall on the floor, some cry hysterically and some just can’t move. Whatever is their reaction, being able to record that special moment is definitely an unique experience.

A group from Michigan has invented a product that captures the exact moment of the “YES” forever. It’s called the Ring Cam. The Ring Cam is a jewelry box with a tiny camera, so that the reaction to the proposal can be saved, memorialized. You can even post the reaction on Facebook.

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The first one made had a camera that would record only if the box was open, but the inventors realized that they missed most of the special moment. The current version records before you open the box, so you can capture the whole experience. A lot of companies have shown interest in having the cameras for sale in their stores, including the big men’s clothing store, Men’s Wearhouse.

All the men who are ready to get engaged, have a ring and know what the answer from your future wife will be, the Ring Cam is a cool way capture her reaction and save it forever.