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Not only is the winter holiday season coming to an end BUT, so is our holiday season 10% OFF discount on designer jewelry and handbags Boca Raton. When you donate nonperishable items or child safe toys! We have a drop box located at our Boca Raton Pawn location immediately to the left when you walk through the door with a big old sign and overflowing box of goodies for you to add to. Don’t be an scrooge this holiday season, spread the holiday cheer and give back while receiving an amazing discount for all of our incredible merchandise!

This offer is limited and ends THIS Monday, December 22nd at 6 pm.


Items that we ask to have donated include

Cereal and Cereal bARS
Tomato Sauces
Canned fruites & vegetables
Canned meat, fish and poultry
Pasta, beans, rice and soup
Milk – can or box (dry/liquid)
Individual water bottles
Paper plates and cups

Child safe toys are welcomed as well!

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We are looking forward to getting our donation bin even more full than it already is for the holiday season and give back to our the members of our community that are in need. The discounts on all our jewelry and designer handbags Boca Raton will be vouchered for those of you that do not choose to use your 10% discount the day you bring your donations in so, not to worry.

We hope to have our donation box so full in the next week and half that we need to get another one because so many of you kind hearted individuals have given back to your community (wink, wink). And of course, what’s a little giving if you’re going to be receiving something great in return right? Discount on Rolex’s, Chanel handbags, Louis Vuitton handbags, diamonds…you name it, the 10% discount is yours!