Submariner Rolex Boca Raton

Rolex Boca Raton

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We’re back already with more admiration for one of our favorite watch’s out there, the Submariner Rolex Boca Raton. This is one of the most popular styles in the Rolex brand that has been seen on male and female celebrities out there. We’re here to tell you why it’s an incredibly versatile watch and a few celebrities that we love seeing this watch on.

Submarinersub • ma • ri • ner- The iconic divers’ watch since 1953, which is extremely perfect for all of us that live beautiful Florida (sorry northern, come visit).  Probably the only divers’ watch you can wear with a tuxedo.  An indispensable instrument to securely monitor diving time and decompression stops.Fitted with a case back and a Triplock winding crown, which screw down securely like the hatch of a submarine.Rated waterproof to 300 metros.  Systematically tested to go 25 per cent deeper.The Rolex Way.

Maroon 5 in Concert on NBC's Today Show Summer Concert Series at Rockefeller Plaza in New York City - June 29, 2012

One of the Rolex Boca Raton wearing male singers out there that has been seen wearing a Submariner or two over the years is front man of Maroon 5, Adam Levine. In the picture above, wearing a steel Submariner Rolex Boca Raton on a Rolex oyster bracelet which is divine if we do say so ourselves.


Another Submariner Rolex Boca Raton wearing  musician that we this has impeccable taste in his style and a large collection in designer watches vintage and new is John Mayer. As stated in the New York Times March 5th, 2009 article, “The Time Keeper” he was quoted saying: ‘Before, I would travel and stay in my hotel room ordering movies, never seeing the world,” he said. The small but global watch-collecting community offered something — a collector, a shop, a show — in many of the cities he would hit. “I can hang out with people whose only connection to me is that we both love watches. I can go walk the Miami antiques show with a badge, not as John Mayer the musician but as the guy who can take out a loupe and tell you, ‘I don’t think your watch is right.’ That is a type of love of watches that we all can appreciate and hope to live by if you ask us.

Now that you know our two picks for the men in music that rock Submariner Rolex’s Boca Raton, come into our store and get you or someone you love the gift of a Rolex this holiday season!