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With the news of a Modigliani painting selling for $170 million it’s easy to overlook two sales of $48.5 million and $28.5 million in the jewelry trade.  But if you put it in perspective, you’ll realize that both smaller sales were actually world records, unlike the Modigliani which was the 2nd highest price ever paid for a painting.  $48.5 million is the new record price paid for a fancy vivid blue diamond and $28.5 is the most ever paid for a fancy vivid pink diamond.  Both sales were recorded at auctions, one a Sotheby’s and the other at Christie’s.  Sell Diamonds Boca Raton.

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A Sotheby’s auction in Geneva just sold this 12.03 carat fancy vivid blue diamond for $48.5 million.  It is a record for the highest price ever paid for a fancy vivid blue diamond.  The buyer of the stone, a billionaire from Hong Kong, renamed it “Blue Moon of Josephine” after his 7 year old daughter.  The $48.5 million broke the previous record of $46.2 million for highest price ever paid for a diamond or gemstone.  The “Graff Pink” was the previous record holder and was a 24.78-carat fancy intense pink diamond.  There is some controversy surrounding the record however.  In 2013 diamond cutter Issac Wolf won an auction for a 59.6 carat fancy vivid pink diamond for $83.2.  But after some time had passed it was clear Wolf couldn’t pay for the stone and it was returned to Sotheby’s.  So even though it was technically sold for $83.2 million, the buyer didn’t pay and it doesn’t count towards the record.

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At another auction house, Christie’s, this 16.08 carat fancy vivid pink diamond sold for $28.5 million.  While it wasn’t the most expensive gemstone ever sold, it was the most expensive fancy vivid pink diamond ever sold.  It is a cushion shaped stone and was part of Christie’s Magnificent Jewels auction.  An Asian buyer also bought this stone and named it “Sweet Josephine”.  It’s pretty clear the buyer of both world record stones was the same person.  The diamond fetched so much money because of how rare it is.  It shows absolutely no trace of a second color which you almost never see in a colored diamond.  There is also little to no nitrogen in the diamond.  A pink diamond over 10 carats its virtually unheard of.  There are only a handful known in the world.