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As 2015 wraps up, it’s time to look back at the top five posts this year.  2016 is right around the corner and we have some awesome content waiting for you.  But for now, sit back, relax and check out the most viewed posts from last year.  Top 5 from Boca Raton Pawn:

#5 – How to a Spot Fake: Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag

The Speedy Bag by Louis Vuitton is one of the most iconic handbags of all time. Dating back to the 1960’s, celebrities like Audrey Hepburn would wear this bag. Unfortunately with such classic, popular styles this well known bag brings in a large number of counterfeits. We are going to show you how to spot a real speedy bag from a fake. First there are some things you need to know about this particular style.

The Louis Vuitton Speedy comes in 5 different models, Speedy 25, Speedy 30, Speedy 35, Speedy 40, and Speedy 45. The numbers represent the width in centimeters that each Speedy bag measures. The Speedy 25 is obviously going to be the smallest. Another thing to remember is when Louis Vuitton makes their bags they use one piece of monogramed leather. This means the whole bag should have a concise pattern. Viewing from a diagonal the bag should have Circle icon, fleur de lis, Louis Vuitton, fleur de lis, circle, and so on. From a horizontal way the bag should have different variations of icons, for example a change of circle icons to fleur de lis. Same goes for the vertical orientation. Look at the picture below as reference. Is your Speedy Handbag Real

Since there is one piece of leather throughout the whole bag there should be no bottom stitching on the speedy bag. The stitching should be single, most fake bags have unnecessary double stitching. Another indicator is the leather. Louis Vuitton uses a specific cowhide that oxidizes to a darker tone over time. Same with the hardware of the bag, it becomes a darker bronze over period of time. After having your bag for a few years it should turn into a more worn color.

On the leather area where the handles become attached to the bag, there should be 5 single stitched in a mustard color. This is the same for all Louis Vuitton Speedy handbags. The color of the sticking is the same for most bags. As you can see from the photo below, the leather has browned, and the hardware has bronzed. Also notice if the leather hands are waxy, or oily in texture. The cowhide leather should be firm and rough, like leather usually feels. The actual monogram part of the bag is a coated canvas leather .How to tell your Louis Vuitton is Legit

The handles of the Louis Vuitton bag are one of the most obvious ways to tell if a bag is real or a fraud. When you first buy your Speedy bag the handles should be a light tone with red lining. The red lining will eventually fade into a burgundy dark color. If the color is a vivid red the bag is probably not real. The handles like I mentioned earlier are an oxidizing cowhide so over time it should change colors. Remember to check if the material feels oily, sticky or any other texture other than rough leather. A photo below shows what a real Louis Vuitton handle should look like, opposed to a fake.

Fake Louis Vuitton vs Real

The date codes for the speedy bag is also very specific. Many fakers have been able to duplicate the date codes pretty well, but little do they know Louis Vuitton has a hidden meaning in their date codes. The speedy bags are made in France, so all the date codes should start with SD. SD means made in France. The numbers also signify the date the bag was made. The first and third number is the month it was purchased. The second and fourth number are the year it was manufactured. For example, if the date code is SD1924, we know the bag was made in France, in December (12) of 1994 (94).

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#4 – Why You Should Buy a Rolex Boca Raton

_DSC0047 copy

New Year’s Eve is upon us in mere hours and we’re here to give you some of our expertise reasons on why you should ring in 2015 with a Rolex Boca Raton.  A Rolex watch. It’s the 800-pound gorilla in the room for any man thinking about buying a watch. Around one million watches a year come out of Switzerland with the Rolex crown on the dial and, not for nothing, it’s the most recognised luxury mechanical watch in the world. Pick anyone at random and ask them to name a watch company; the odds are fantastic that it’ll be Rolex.

Be it a brand new Rolex or a pre-owned Rolex Boca Raton, we have them here for your viewing and purchasing pleasure. What has changed, though, is what people see in them. You can buy a Rolex for any number of reasons, but a main one is that they keep their value pretty well, unlike many expensive luxury watches. The best thing about them is, they never go out of style as seen in the picture below of this vintage Day-Date Rolex.

_DSC0048 copy

9 Reasons why you should buy a Rolex 

  1. Rolex is a well-known and trusted brand of luxury watch.
  2. Luxury watches are jewelry for men.
  3. People wear luxury watches to feel good about themselves.
  4. People wear luxury watches to show other people that they are successful.
  5. People wear luxury goods as a subconscious signal to potential mates that they are a good partner.
  6. People find them aesthetically pleasing.
  7. People appreciate the artistry that goes into them.
  8. In a desperate situation, a Rolex can be used as collateral or even ransom since its value is well-known.
  9. There is a common saying in India that a normal watch tells you the time, while a Rolex tells the world your time (meaning your achievements).

Now that we’ve given you 9 incredible reasons to invest in a Rolex Boca Raton, we hope to see you come in and purchase the luxurious gift of time!

#3 – 10 Crazy Celebrity Crimes that you probably never knew about!

Believe it or not but sometimes celebrities can be just like us, they even commit crimes like we do! Just because they’re famous doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not infamous. Here are 10 crazy celebrity crimes that you probably never knew about. From drunk driving to horrific assaults and even murder, many of our household celebrity names have surprising criminal records. Just because someone is famous, doesn’t mean they don’t get charged with a crime. Or do they? While some celebs (actually quite a few) have gotten away with murder, not all have been able to get off so scot-free. Timing is everything and some of the celebs committed crimes as their stars were rising and others when they were shining brightly, but several happened after their stars had tragically fallen, tragically being the operative word.

O.J. Simpson almost got away with the double murder of his ex-wife, Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend, Ron Goldman. He was acquitted of that crime (but only in the criminal trial, in a separate civil trial, he was found responsible for both of their deaths), but he wasn’t completely invincible from the legal system. In 2008, Simpson was charged with armed robbery and kidnapping, after attacking two sports memorabilia dealers and holding them at gunpoint in a Las Vegas hotel room, in 2007. He may serve up to 33 years in a Nevada prison, but will be eligible for parole in 2017. Needless to say, the family of Ron Goldman feels that although it’s bittersweet, justice was finally served. At the end of the day, the juice finally got squeezed.
Before Mark Wahlberg was a famous actor, even before he was Markey Mark, he qualified as a criminal. In his youth, Wahlberg was in trouble over 20 times with the Boston Police Department for various crimes, including a racially motivated incident involving throwing rocks at black school children. When he was 16, he beat a middle aged Vietnamese man, knocking him unconscious in the middle of the street, using a wooden stick. He also attacked a different Vietnamese man on the same day and blinded him in one eye. Wahlberg was charged with attempted murder, but ended up pleading guilty to assault. Mark was sentenced to two years in the Suffolk County Deer Island House of Correction, but only served 45 days of his sentence.
In November 1963, former first Lady, Laura Bush ran a stop sign and collided with another car, killing 17 year old, Michael Dutton Douglas, who was coincidentally a friend of hers. There were even rumors that Dutton was at one time, her boyfriend. Bush was treated for minor injuries, as was the passenger in her car, Judy Dykes. Surprisingly, Bush was never charged with a crime. In her book, Spoken From The Heart she reflected on the incident, saying, “It was a very tragic accident that deeply affected the families and was very painful for all involved, including the community at large.”
Before Jay-Z, whose real name is Sean Corey Carter, became one of the biggest and most important musicians in the world, as well as Beyoncé Knowles’ husband and father to Blue Ivy, he was a criminal. When he was 12, he shot his older brother Eric in the shoulder. He raps about the incident in the song, You Must Love Me from his second album, In My Lifetime, Vol. 1: “Saw the devil in your eyes/High off more than weed, confused, I just closed my young eyes and squeezed.” He was never charged with a crime for the shooting. In 1999, Carter stabbed music producer, Lance “Un” Rivera outside of a nightclub, but ended up pleading guilty to a misdemeanor and was sentenced to just three years probation.
Even the Kardashians aren’t perfect. Khloe Kardashian was arrested on March 4th, 2007 for a DUI. But, she violated her probation by failing to enroll in an alcohol education class and complete roadside cleanup duty, as part of her community service. Kardashian faced 30 days in jail, but got lucky and only served a mere 3 hours, due to over crowding. Where did she serve those 3 hours? The infamous Lynwood jail, where Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan also did time.
In August 1987, when Matthew Broderick was vacationing in Ireland with his then girlfriend, Dirty Dancing star Jennifer Grey (the couple started dating when filming Ferris Bueller’s Day Off), when something awful happened. Driving a rented BMW, Broderick accidentally drove into the wrong lane (in Ireland, they drive on the left side of the road, with the steering wheel on the right side) and collided head on with a Volvo, killing Anna Gallagher, 28 and her mother Margaret Dorothy, 63 instantly. Broderick fractured his ribs and one leg, and had a concussion as well as a collapsed lung. Grey suffered severe whiplash and some other minor injuries. Broderick was charged with causing death by dangerous driving and faced up to five years in prison, but the charges were reduced to carless driving, with a fine of $175. The victim’s family called it a travesty of justice.
Ah, Tim Allen. The warm, jovial guy who made a name for himself on the hit show Home Improvement and by voicing Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story series. He’s spent decades entertaining children all over the world; what could he possibly have done?
In October 1978, at the age of 25, Allen was arrested for possessing over 650 grams of cocaine, and after turning informant against the other dealers, took a relatively light sentence of 3-7 years, eventually being paroled less than 2 and a half years after his incarceration.
In 1997, Allen was arrested for a DUI, and sentenced to a year’s probation along with a course of alcohol rehab. Given how sensitive family-friendly corporations such as Disney are about protecting their image, it’s surprising they allowed the actor to put his past behind him and voice Buzz, but of course, we couldn’t imagine the character sounding any different.
Danny Trejo has made a career out of playing scary badasses, most prominently in Robert Rodriguez’s Machete, and then very occasionally as opposite characters that attempt to subvert the stereotype (A Very Harold and Kumar Christmas and…an Old El Paso advert).
However, did you know that Trejo is the real deal? Trejo is a straight-up, legit, genuine thug, which led to him being sentenced to 11 years jail time for an assortment of drug, murder and robbery charges.
Trejo was released in 1972 at the age of 28 having kicked his drug addiction, and over a decade later, he eventually found work on the Oscar-nominated movie Runaway Train, training Eric Roberts for a boxing scene.
His presence was so strong that he ended up winning a small role in the film, and the rest is history. To the actor’s credit, he has, unlike many on this list, kept his nose clean since his incarceration, and the rather ambiguous nature of his crimes only adds to the mystique and the menace of the man.
Though many of us do remember Robert Downey Jr.’s legal difficulties throughout the 1990s, it’s worth dredging up again given how he has endeared himself to a whole new generation of people with his outstanding portrayal of Tony Stark in the Iron Man franchise.
Downey was arrested countless times in the late 90s for cocaine, heroin, marijuana and weapon offences, at which point he explained that his father had caused him to become first addicted to drugs at the age of eight.
Downey eventually served a year’s custodial sentence in the California Substance Abuse Treatment Facility and State Prison, before seeming to get back on top with a highly-praised role in TV show Ally McBeal. However, more drug-related arrests followed, and he was suddenly fired from the show, while his high-risk nature meant that Woody Allen later wouldn’t be able to get him insured for Melinda and Melinda, and had to recast the part.
Downey slowly but surely clawed his way back to the top – with the help of Mel Gibson, who helped pay his insurance on The Singing Detective – and when Iron Man hit it big, his resurrection as Hollywood star extraordinaire was complete.
Will Smith may seem like a pretty straight-edged guy. He’s married with children, working hard, and having plenty of success. However, he wasn’t always Mr. Perfect. In fact, he was involved in a brutal attack in his hometown of Philadelphia that left one man nearly blind back in 1989 and now, nearly twenty-five years later, new details are being revealed.
According to police, Will (aka Fresh Prince at the time) got into a verbal dispute with record promoter William Hendricks which led to Will allegedly requesting that his bodyguard, Charles “Charlie Mack” Alston take care of him, so to speak. Well, he did just that, and Hendricks was left with a fracture of his left eye orbit. He was hospitalized and received six stitches.
Will, who had won his first Grammy Award just days prior, was later arrested and charged with aggravated assault, recklessly endangering another person, simple assault, and criminal conspiracy. Fortunately for Will, the charges were later dropped

#2 – How To Spot A Fake Rolex Deep Sea Dweller Watch

Sometimes fake watches can be quite convincing. Rolex watches are one of the most replicated watch brands in the world, and recently in our store we inherited a fake Rolex Deep Sea Dweller. We do not sell or own any fake watches, we simply are using this fake watch as an example of what to look for in convincing fakes. So what we were able to discover without opening the movement from the fake watch iso 8 specific things. 

How To Spot a Fake Deep Sea Dweller

1. The bezel

2. The Luminescent Markers

3. Lettering on inner bezel

4. Date

5. Seconds Hand

6. Face of Watch

7. Case Back

8. Rolex Inscription on Clasp

Rolex DeepseaThe bezel: I was comparing the clicking of the uni-directional bezel on both watches. The fake was very easy to move with a light clicking noise. A real Deep Sea Rolex watch will have a bit of tension when turning the bezel. There is also a clicking noise, but make sure you can really feel yourself turning the bezel.

The Hour Markers: Comparing the two watches you can see that on the face of the watch, the white hour makers are actually different colors. The real Deep Sea has dimmer luminescent markers, the fake watch has very bright white markers. Look for an off-white coloration in the real Rolex Deep Sea Dweller.

The Inner Bezel Writing: This is a very hard thing to recognize if you don’t have both watches in front of you. The real Deep Sea Dweller has very bold writing that should say “ORIGINAL GAS ESCAPE VALVE”. The fake watch does have the same font and writing, but is subtly less bold.

The Date: The real watch has a smaller date window with smaller numbers. It is also a bit lower than the date window on the fake Rolex. The date indicator is usually a good way to tell if a watch is fake or not. The raised bubble on top of the date on some Rolex watches (called the Cyclops) can be either too big or too small. Whichever Rolex you have knowing what the date should look like is very necessary.

Seconds Hand: One of the features the Rolex Deep Sea Dweller has is a seconds hand. The Deep Sea is an automatic movement which means there is a swifter movement for the second hand. This doesn’t mean it should go too fast. The impostor Rolex has a very fast second hand.

Bolder Writing: The iconic rolex dial has writing, study this writing because although subtle, can be a big indicator if your watch is real or fake. The fake watch displayed How to spot a fake rolexabove has thicker white text. The real Rolex has a very sharp white text.

Case Back: The back of the fake watch should be tight and unable to move. The back should be a charcoal gray tone. The fake I saw was a dark almost black color and I was able to unscrew the back off. This is very fake!

Rolex Clasp: Do not be fooled, just because rolex is inscribed in the clasp doesn’t mean its real. This replica has almost the same exact emblem on the clasp, but compared to the original Deep Sea it looks completely fake!! The real Rolex has a darker stamping. The photograph of this is shown above.

#1 – Biggest Cuban Link Chains

Rappers are always setting style trends.  First, it was big and flashy diamond pieces and pendants, then it was subdued preppy look, now it’s big again.  But this time it’s solid gold chains.  Take Jay Z for example.  He walks around with a 5 kilo cuban link chain.  It’s huge!  He might have started the trend but there are guys wearing even bigger necklaces.  Below is a list of the heaviest gold chains rappers are wearing today.  Sell Gold Boca Raton.

1.  Jay Z
He started the trend.  Jay rocks this 5 kilo Cuban everywhere he goes.  Here are a couple pics of it:

sell gold boca raton
sell gold boca raton

2.  2 Chainz
2 Chainz just posted on his Instagram that he bought this 4 kilo Cuban recently.  I guess it’s big enough that 2 Chainz only needs to wear one chain!

sell gold boca raton

3.  Plies
Plies is one of the crazies rappers in the game.  He doesn’t make the most money but he acts like he does.  Just check out this 7 kilo Cuban link chain he’s rocking.  Crazy.

sell gold boca raton

4.  Daddy Yankee
He has the biggest Cuban of all.  It’s 10 freakin’ kilos!  That’s over $250,000 in scrap gold.  I’m surprised he doesn’t have back problems.

sell gold boca raton

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