Louis Vuitton’s New Model is a Video Game Character

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The fashion industry is unlike any other.  Their goal is literally to set trends.  They need to think of things never done before and make them cool, whether they are are not.  A lot of the time it is just guessing.  Imagine living in the 70’s and seeing fashion in 2016.  You would think people are crazy wearing what we’re wearing today.  Fashion is about pushing the envelope and creating something out of nothing.  Which is why the new face of Louis Vuitton should come as no surprise to anyone.  No, it’s not Kim Kardashian, no it’s not Kylie Jenner.  It’s Lightening!  Who?  Lightening is a female video game character featured in the famous Final Fantasy video game series.  You might ask yourself, how can a video game character be the face of a luxury fashion brand?  Because that’s what fashion does.  They do things no one has done before and make it cool.  I mean check her out, she looks awesome!  Sell Louis Vuitton Boca Raton.

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Louis Vuitton’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquière revealed the new face of the brand last week on his Instagram page.  In the first picture Lightening is wearing some Louis Vuitton clothing and holding a black, blue, orange, and green cross body LV bag.  In the second image she is wearing an LV jacked with the same bag in a different color scheme.

Final Fantasy is a cult classic video game series.  It is almost 30 years old as the first series came out in 1987.  Since then they have sold more than 110 million units throughout the world.  And if you’re wondering how Lightening can be seen wearing Louis Vuitton, the designs were created by Tetsuya Nomura.

But Lightening isn’t the only controversial new face for Louis Vuitton.  The other would be that of Jaden Smith, the son of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett.  It would be a little weird because of how young he is, and how little experience he has modeling.  But that’s not the weird part.  The weird part is that he is the face of the women’s clothing line.  That’s right, he is a man modelling women’s clothes.  Just a few days ago he was revealed wearing a knee-length skirt.

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