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Cute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Even though most of us don’t, we should honor our mother’s every day of the year.  After all, she carried you in her stomach for nine months!  One thing everyone on this Earth has in common is that we all have a mom.  This year, Mother’s Day is Sunday May 8th.  It somehow sneaks up on you every year.  Don’t wait until the last second and get her some lame gift card to a store she doesn’t even like.  Spend some time, find something she likes and buy it for her.  She’s your mother for g-d sakes!  Since you’re already reading this blog it’s pretty clear you haven’t thought of anything yet, so let me help you out.  Here are some really cute Mother’s Day gift ideas.  Loan for Jewelry Boca Raton.

1.  David Yurman Albion Ring

mother's day gift idea

What mom doesn’t love David Yurman?  You know Yurman, the mostly sterling silver jewelry with large colorful gemstones and diamonds she wears.  Maybe you didn’t know who designed it but you knew your mom loved it.  This piece is in the Albion collection.  It is an every day ring made in sterling silver.  In the center is a large hematite stone.  A hematite is black in color but does have some great sparkle.  Surrounding the stone are lots of small round brilliant diamonds.  The Albion collection is one of Yurman’s most famous for a reason.  It’s beautiful, creative, and perfect for mom!  This one retails for almost $1,500 but is on sale for less than a grand.

2.  Chanel Mirror Clip Earrings

mother's day gift ideas

I can’t speak on behalf of all moms, but if I gave my mom anything with the world Chanel on it she’d pass out!  Chanel is every woman’s dream accessory.  Whether it’s a handbag, piece of clothing, or jewelry, they will be ecstatic to receive anything with those CC’s on the box.  And even better than mom loving the gift is not breaking the bank to get it for her.  These Chanel Mirror Clip earrings are perfect.  They are stylish and fashionable and cost less than $400.  She doesn’t even need pierced ears!

3.  Chanel Boy Bag

boywhite1 (1)

Now depending on your budget you might want to kick it up a notch.  If she’s a mom in tune with fashion chances are she already has a Chanel Classic Flap bag.  But I bet she doesn’t have a Le Boy bag like this!  In fact, this particular white model with red trim and gold hardware only came out less than a year ago.  If she already has this then chances are she has everything, but if not I guarantee she will love it.  It’s perfect.

4.  Louis Vuitton Dog Carrier


With more and more small dogs finding homes you see more and more dog carriers.  If your mom is in to luxury goods she will love this piece.  You can actually fit a decent size dog into this bag, maybe up to 15 pounds.  And now when she needs to transport the dog she can do so in style 🙂