Which Watch Are You? – Loan for Rolex Boca Raton

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Watch Quiz – Loan for Rolex Boca Raton

Did you get your tax refund yet?  If you answered yes I know what to spend it on!  How about investing in a luxury Swiss watch?  Certain watches can actually increase in value over time.  But how do you know what kind of watch suits your style?  Are you a huge Breitling guy?  A sport Rolex guy? An Audemars Offshore guy?  Or a leather Patek Philippe guy?  Take this quiz to see which company is for you.  Loan for Rolex Boca Raton.

1.  What kind of pants to you wear on the weekend?
a.  Ripped Jeans
b.  Shorts
c.  Joggers
d.  Designer

2.  Assuming you don’t have a luxury watch, what kind of watch do you wear now?
a.  Invicta Diver
b.  stainless steel Seiko
c.  Tag Chrono
d.  Leather Dress Watch

3.  What style of music do you like?
a.  Heavy metal
b.  Rock
c.  Hip-Hop
d.  Classical

4.  What store do you spend the most time?
a.  True Religion
b.  Gap
c.  Macy’s
d.  Neiman Marcus

5.  How old are you?
a.  35-55
b.  25-35
c.  30-40
d.  55+

6.  Which social network do you use the most?
a.  Instagram
b.  Snapchat
c.  Facebook
d.  None of the above

More A’s?

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You are a large Breitling kind of guy.  You like to show people what you have.  Breitling watches are fantastic but they have always been flashy over-sized.  At the heart of Breitling is watches designed for pilots which is why they’re so big.  Pilots have so much going on and so many buttons to press on a plane that a watch designed with them in mind could only be big with lots of buttons, numbers, etc.  Today, Breitling makes watches more for style than function but they do stay true to their heritage.

More B’s

rolex submariner boca raton

If you answered mostly B to the quiz it looks as if you are a Rolex sport guy.  A great example of a Rolex sport watch is the Submariner.  Originally designed as a diver’s watch, it has become the quintessential luxury sport watch.  It has a stainless steel case and bracelet with a black dial and bezel.  It measures 40mm in diameter which isn’t too big or small.  If you know what you’re looking at you will automatically recognize it as a Rolex, otherwise it flies under the radar.  It’s a perfect every day “beater”.

More C’s?

audemars royal oak offshore rose gold

If you answered more C’s it’s most likely you are an Audemars Offshore guy.  Audemars Piguet is respected as one of the top watch brands in the world.  They feature world class movements and impeccable designs that are beautiful.  The Audemars Offshore is a sporty chrono watch usually with a large rubber bezel in an octagonal shape.  They are one of the coolest watches on the market today and if you answered as you did it means you are already a pretty cool dude.

More D’s

patek grand complication

Just because you got all D’s doesn’t mean your a bad student in this quiz.  In fact, you picked the best watch company in the world.  Patek Philippe is hands down the undisputed heavy weight champion.  Any collector of high end Swiss watches will tell you the same.  Patek is known for making watches that can be passed down from generation to generation.  A classic dress watch on a leather strap is the perfect watch you.