The Holy Trinity of Handbags: Hermes, Chanel, and Louis Vuitton

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The Holy Trinity of Handbags

When we think of designer handbags, there are many to choose from, but the three names that will stand out time and time again are Chanel, Hermes and Louis Vuitton. Known as trademarks of luxury, these companies have been style pioneers and continue to thrive in the fashion industry Read on to find out what sets each of these companies apart and makes them such iconic luxury brands.  Sell handbags Boca Raton.



The House of Chanel first opened in France in 1909 by Gabrielle Chanel as a millinery shop. Because the shop was located on the ground floor of a flat which housed businesses that catered to the upper class, the Chanel name was one that was quickly associated with luxury.
Chanel built her brand making various items of clothing and perfumes but didn’t design her first handbag until 1929. However, like all handbags of the time, it was hand carried and cumbersome. Chanel changed all that in 1955 when she debuted her 2.55 model, the first shoulder carried purse. This innovative design would change fashion history forever.

Popular Chanel Handbags

Since the debut of the 2.55, a lot about Chanel handbags have changed, while other characteristics have remained the same. Let’s look at the evolution of her purses by starting with the original.

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The 2.55: Not only was this the first purse to feature a shoulder strap, it also featured the quilted exterior that has become a popular characteristic of Chanel purses for years to come. Although no one is sure why Chanel took to the quilting, it is said it may be connected with her love of horse riding.
The purse also features a burgundy interior, a direct nod to the Catholic school uniform Chanel wore as child.

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The Wallet on Chain: Perfect for more elegant occasions, this bag opens to an interior that very much resembles a wallet, but the attached chain makes it easy to carry. It also contains a back pocket that can be handy for holding lipsticks and other small items.

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The Chanel Flap Bag: Introduced by Karl Lagerfeld in 1983, the Classic Flap Bag is a modern reinterpretation of the original 2.55. Also referred to as ‘The Reissue’ it comes in four sizes and has a double CC turn style lock instead of a rectangular one.
The Chanel Boy Bag: Introduced in 2011, this bag was named for Chanel’s lover, Arthur Capel who was nicknamed ‘Boy’. Edgy and modern, the bag was modeled after a cartridge bag used for hunters. It is known for its heavy hardware, bold shape and unique lock and comes in three sizes.
The Grand Shopping Tote: A dream for fashionistas who need an elegant yet roomy handbag, the Grand Shopping Tote was, sadly, discontinued in 2016. Now an extremely rare piece, this tote can go for a good amount of money when sold.



The Hermes company originated in 1837 when Theirry Hermes first opened a harness shop in Paris to serve European nobleman. Though he was known for the fine harnesses and bridles he sold, he soon began to manufacture leather bags which served to carry horse feed and horse related equipment.
Hermes continued developing his bags making models that were suitable for hunters, doctors and other sorts of trades and industries that were predominantly male dominated. Gradually, the designs would begin to cater more towards women’s needs making for the popular models we all know and love today.

Popular Hermes Handbags

When we think of Hermes handbags, there are definitely some styles that stick in our minds more so than others. These include:

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The Birkin: One of the most popular Hermes models, this purse comes with a great story behind it. In 1983, British actress Jane Birkin found herself on a flight sitting next to Hermes director, Jean Louis Dumas. At one point during the flight, her papers fell out of her bag and she commented on how none of her bags were big enough to fit all her belongings. Dumas took this as a cue to design the Birkin, a larger handbag made for the needs of the modern woman.
Over the years, the Birkin has undergone several changes and is available in a number of colors, materials and sizes.
The Kelly Bag: Another style with a great story behind it, this bag was so named in the 1930’s when actress Grace Kelly used it to shield herself from the paparazzi. Like the Birkin, the Kelly has the ability to hold a lot of stuff but is slenderer in shape and easier to manage. The Kelly Pouchette was created later and serves as a smaller, more elegant version of this style.
Evelyne: The Evelyne was named for Evelyne Bertand who was head of the Hermes Riding Department in 1978, the time of the bag’s creation. It was made as a convenient leather carry all to hold the brushes and sponges used on horses. The bag featured air holes and an H shape set in a horse shoe oval. The bag is now available in a number of colors and styles include the mini Evelyn which is smaller and features a long strap that allows women to wear it across their body.
Constance: Created in 1959, this bag was named for the designer’s (Catherine Chaillet) daughter who was born the same year. The bag features an H-shaped fastener and adjustable shoulder strap that allows it to be worn over the shoulder or held as clutch. It was a favorite of Jackie Kennedy’s and is much in demand due to the fact that the designer keeps threatening to discontinue it.

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Jypsiere: Introduced in 2008, This design harkens back to Hermes original designs that speak of hunting and nature. It is extremely versatile and features a shoulder strap making it convenient and easy to carry. It is available in a few exclusive styles, owing to its value and rarity.

Louis Vuitton


The Louis Vuitton label was founded by Vuitton in France in 1854 as a travel goods company. Vuitton was known as an innovator and trendsetter in his field, but the company didn’t truly begin to expand until well after his death in 1892.
Starting in 1945, the company would see major developments as it began to manufacture purses, bags and wallets. It continued on this path working with top champagne and cognac manufacturers and eventually expanding to release a clothing line and accessories. However, purses may still be the thing the Vuitton line is best known for.

Popular Louis Vuitton Handbags

Over the years, the Vuitton company has manufactured a number of much sought after styles. Here are a few to watch for:
The Speedy: Created in 1930, the Speedys were more modern versions of the Keepall, the first handbag created by the company for everyday use. The bags originally featured on the LV monogram canvas and no shoulder straps but updated versions allow the bag to be bought in a variety of colors, styles and leathers and with or without shoulder straps, although the classic shape has remained the same. Popular versions include the Idylle Canvas Speedy and the limited edition Nano Speedy and Speedy Bandouliere.
The Noe: This bag was designed in 1932 and became known as the world’s first bucket bag. It was originally used to transport wine and champagne but quickly adapted to become popular for every day use. It is available in a wide range od materials, prints and colors.

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The Alma: Although most think the Alma was launched in the 1930’s, it was actually custom designed in 1925 for Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel who later gave her permission to have it manufactured for the general public. Although originally called the Squire, it was later named The Alma for a square in France where Avenue Montaigne meets the Seine river.
It features double zips, a padlock, two inside compartments, a leather key tag, Toron handles, an additional should strap and protective bottom studs. It has been updated to feature a number of fabrics, colors, prints and sizes.
The Neverfull: Although the name does much to describe it, this bag was clearly made for the modern woman with its ability to carry a number of items. It features supple leather, non rigid sides and is durable and fully reversible. It comes with an attached wallet and is available in three sizes and various materials.
Lockit: Moving on in oversized handbags, the Lockit can be considered light luggage. It debuted in 1958 and is known for its leather patch with a padlock on the side of the bag. This ‘no pick lock’ design made it an instant favorite.
Contemporary designs include the Soft Lockit bag which is made of a softer leather and features an optional shoulder strap that makes it lightweight and practical.

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