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Use Your Patek Philippe To Raise Cash

Watches from Patek Philippe are regarded as among the greatest in the world for high-end luxury watch companies because of their exceptional quality and artistry. Since 1839, this family-owned Genevan manufacturer has been producing high-end timepieces on their premises in the city. Patek Philippe’s in-house team of watchmaking professionals is responsible for all steps of the watchmaking process, from concept design through component fabrication and final assembly and assembly.
The exclusivity of Patek Philippe’s wristwatch manufacture, as well as the high quality of their craftsmanship, is what makes its timepieces so sought after. Compared to Rolex, which produces over one million watches each year, the number of timepieces created by Patek Philippe is less than one million after their founding.

The Legacy Of Patek Philippe

Understanding the fascination of watch collecting is not immediately obvious why Patek Philippe has risen to such a high position in the industry. For example, Patek Philippe’s next neighbor Vacheron Constantin has been in business since 1755, 84 years older than Patek. Patek Philippe’s originator Jean Adrien Philippe is renowned for discovering automatic mechanisms. Abraham-Louis Breguet was much more breathtakingly imaginative in horology. Regarding toughness, Rolex first reached the summit of Everest.
Hardly only that, but Patek is not the most obscure of brand names: off the top of anyone’s head, you can think of a dozen small-time makers — independents that are popular at the time of year – whose yearly output may not even reach the three-figure mark.
In the first place, Patek Philippe’s excellence relates to the fact that this is first and primarily a watchmaker – as opposed to producing articles of style or prestige conferral that also occur to tell time. Occasionally, the fashion world will call out a particular favorite. For example, without having been in a state of consciousness for the previous 3 – 4 years, you know that the Patek Philippe Nautilus, created by GéraldGenta, is very hot to the touch even with the heating cranked up to the max.
But, on the other hand, Patek places high importance on balance rather than succumbing to the seductive call of quick money. Consequently, the company is not recognized for any one sort of wristwatch — for example, aviators’ watches, divers’ watches, or chronographs – as a whole. Instead, it is active and profitable in all conventional horological sectors, including essential time-only watches, complexities, significant complications, alloy sports watches, women’s watches, jewelry watches, even table clocks, and the jewelry industry.

A Pinnacle Of Luxury Timepiece Creation

Patek Philippe has been more popular among younger people in recent years, owing to the brand’s reputation as the pinnacle of luxury watchmaking. Numerous celebrities also wear Patek Philippe watches from film, music, and sports, who wear them to mark their social position. Patek Philippe timepieces, on the other hand, are not inexpensive. On the contrary, they are very costly because they represent the pinnacle of luxury. This brings up the issue of whether
they are worth the money.

Understanding The Market Price Vs. List Price

The pricing of Patek Philippe timepieces must be discussed in the context of a critical distinction: the difference between the list prices and the actual market prices. It is almost impossible to go into a Patek Philippe store and walk out with one of Patek Philippe’s most popular models, such as the Aquanaut or even the Nautilus, due to the very high demand for their most popular models. The need for Patek Philippe watches dramatically outstrips the supply, resulting in a significant increase in their market value during the last several years. Let’s take a closer look at the price structure of the brand and how it came to be.
Watches from Patek Philippe are available in various price ranges, ranging from less than $20,000 to even more than $1,000,000. The stainless steel Aquanaut 5167A, which has a stated price of $18,940, is much more costly than, for example, Rolex’s 41mm Oyster Perpetual. So, what is it that makes Patek Philippe’s pricing so much higher than Rolex’s? Let’s look at some of the essential parts of manufacturing to throw additional light on this subject.
Patek Philippe: The Craftsmanship Value
The manufacturing procedures used by Patek Philippe have a significant role in the company’s pricing. When it comes to the production of its watches, Rolex depends on machines, while Patek Philippe creates the majority of their timepieces entirely by hand. However, it is not just the manufacturing procedure that is important. Most Patek Philippe watches are also equipped with fantastic calibers, with several models, including allowing you to see the movement in action. In addition, intricate craftsmanship, technological inventiveness, a remarkable degree of detail, and impeccable finishing distinguish each Patek Philippe creation as a piece of art.
An excellent expense element is the amount of detail and finishing into the Patek Philippe watch; it is significantly higher than the precision and finishing put into practically any other premium brand. Combining a perfectly polished casing with a nicely completed movement takes a great deal of talent, which translates into higher pricing for the consumer.

From The Inside Out. Patek Philippe Is Precious

Furthermore, Patek Philippe frequently employs precious metals in the production of their timepieces, with the majority of their timepieces being made of gold variations or platinum. Stainless steel is only used in a tiny number of the timepieces produced by the company. Patek Philippe also incorporates pricey materials into its movements to create even more one-of-a-kind timepieces, resulting in a corresponding price increase.
Because of the method Patek Philippe timepieces are made, their manufacture takes longer than that of most other premium brands, resulting in smaller inventories than those of almost all other luxury brands. As a result, Patek Philippe watches are scarce and, as a result, quite costly. Herein lays the secret of the brand’s success: Give buyers the impression that they’re acquiring something unique and personalized, particularly by making their purchases seem special. As a result, Patek Philippe watch owners are aware that they receive the most fabulous possible product and are ready to pay a premium for it.

Is Patek Philippe Worth The Investment?

When you consider all that has gone into creating Patek Philippe watches, it’s reasonable that they are more costly than the majority of their premium rivals. However, what you receive in exchange is something unique that will last a lifetime. Customers are becoming more aware of this, and they are expressing their appreciation by putting their money up for buying Patek watches. Incase of Patek, people across the globe are prepared to spend far more than the stated price to get a Patek Philippe. After looking at many different displays of the brand’s top-selling models on the internet, you’ll immediately notice that the costs for these models much surpass their list costs, often by 2 – 3 times the amount shown on their packaging.

Patek As An Investment

This is especially true when evaluating the financial success of the Pateks’ numerous models, which can be seen here. These are perhaps the most popular ranges of timepieces that the company manufactures. However, it’s also worth looking at some of Patek’s most magnificent yearly calendar and continuous calendar clocks, such as those from the Calatrava collection. As is usually the case, supply and demand determine the price of timepieces. With the current prices that the Aquanaut and Nautilus are fetching, it’s evident that there are many customers out there for them.
The purchasers should be in charge of determining market pricing. And if you look closely, you will see that this is precisely what you see with Patek Philippe watches. They’re a unique brand with a fascinating history, and they produce some of the most remarkable and most gorgeous watches available on the market today.
So if you really can afford one of their outstanding and sometimes stunning timepieces, it’s probably fair to say that they’re worth every cent if you really can afford one of their timepieces. Only from there will anyone be able to assess for yourself the true enchantment of a Patek Philippe company and determine if the money you spent was worthwhile.

A Checklist For Patek Purchasers, Both Seasoned Veterans, And First-Time Buyers

Due to its investment and resale value, serious collectors, young and old, love to buy PPs. Following are some of the things one should be aware of when investing in a Patek Philippe watch:
Get yourself a Patek aficionado. The other logical move is establishing a working relationship with your nearest Patek authorized dealer.
Purchase a Patek in the most satisfactory condition possible. You will spend more, but the individual who purchases it from you will also spend more. The ideal Patek will be scarcely used, never polished, and brand new to the market. It will be available in its original box with its certificate of incorporation and shop receipt.
Each time one of the items mentioned above is absent, the price of a Patek watch drops. You will get around ten percent less money when you buy a watch that does not have its original certificate.
Check to see whether the wristwatch comes with an excerpt from the collection. The watch is not guaranteed, but you will be informed of the specs when sent from the manufacturer by this method. Information like the color of the dial, the strap or bracelet, and any other identifying qualities are included.
If the wristwatch you are provided does not correspond to the description, the buyer should be cautioned.
Keep an eye out for any unexpected qualities. The cost of a cosigned dial rises considerably as a result. Patek used to allow select shops to have their names printed on the dial. The use of unique metals and dial designs – even the smallest detail like a telemetric scale in place of the traditional tachymeter or Arabic indices in place of baton indices – may cause a price war.
Some Of The Most Sought After Patek Models
Here is a list of some of the most wanted Patek models desired by the collectors the world over:
Nautilus – A first steel sporting wristwatch by Patek Philippe was debuted in 1976. An attractive and unusual casing style with its octagonal form, this sports watch is one of today’s most sought watches.
Aquanaut – An Aquanaut bears a similar appearance and style to the classic Nautilus. It was initially debuted in 1997 and is equally as famous as just the Nautilus, its elder brother.
Grand Complication – Demonstrating Patek Philippe’s skill of intricate watchmaking, the Complication continues as one of the most stunning portable timepieces today.
Global Time – The World Time series comes to the Complications category, and it offers numerous essential elements like split timeslots, world time displays, and more.
We Buy Patek Philippe Watches & Keep The Process Easy   
At ABC, we strive to make the evaluation process as painless and straightforward as possible.
Your evaluation should be completed in less than 60 minutes, if possible. We recognize the importance of your time as well as ours. Essentially, you’ll be able to walk away with cash after one hour.
We can provide you with an immediate payment in-store.
We’ll look at the model and rarity of your Patek Philippe watch. Dents and scrapes will impact the general value of the vehicle. The most significant payments are always obtained when the equipment is in mint condition.
Do you happen to have any of the original documentation? Remember to bring it with you since it will increase the value of your watch.
Whatever clocks you have, we will take them regardless of whether they are for men or ladies. Designer clothing and expensive timepieces that you don’t wear and can sell for cash are likely stacked in your closet.
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