Spotlight on: Gucci Marmont Matelasse

pawn handbags boca raton

pawn handbags boca raton

Why Boca Raton Pawn is a Great Place to Shop the Marmont Matelasse for Less

Gucci is a brand name that has long been synonymous with high end fashion. Though their clothing, jewelry, perfume and shoes are all items that are much sought after by fashionistas everywhere, there is nothing quite like a Gucci handbag, and when considering styles, the Marmont Matelasse is one that stands out as a must have luxury item. Find out more about this handbag and how you can get these great handbags at discount prices.

The Gucci Story

pawn handbags boca raton

Before going into the story of the GG Marmont, it is a good idea to get familiar with the history of the legendary Gucci company.
The company was founded by Guccio Gucci marked by the opening of the first Gucci shop in Florence, Italy in 1921. The company was inspired by Gucci’s travels which took him all across Europe, providing him with an innate love of fashion and sense of style. Being the son of a leather goods maker, Gucci inherited his father’s high levels of skill and craftmanship.
After the first store was opened, the Gucci brand really started to take off with a number of locations opening worldwide.
Today the company is the highest selling Italian brand and the 38th most valuable brand as rated by Forbes magazine. It is known for its exceptional designs in clothing and accessories, and, of course, its signature double G logo.

About the GG Marmont Handbag

pawn handbags boca raton

The GG Marmont handbag is one of Gucci’s more recent designs and it is quickly moving upwards in the echelons of fashion, often being named the ‘it’ bag of its time.
Designed by current Gucci creative director Alessandro Michele, The GG Marmont comes in a variety of styles including shoulder bag, flap bag, top handle, tote and briefcase.
Colors and materials can vary as well. The bag comes in black, whites and neutrals as well as bold reds, eye catching pinks and multi-colored patterns. Materials include shiny leather, velvet and matelassé, the model for which the Marmont Matelasse is named.
The matelasse and velvet chevron both have heart patterns on the back of the flap and an embossed GG logo for the tote and top handles.
General features that are common to all Marmont models include the double G closure in front of the bag and an oversized flap with a sliding chain that can be worn on the shoulder or used as a top handle.

What to Love About the GG Marmont

pawn handbags boca raton

The GG Marmont is one of Gucci’s more recent fashion releases. When it came out in 2016, it was quickly recognized as one of the hottest new trends in handbags and a favorite for years to come. Here’s more about what you will love about the GG Marmont.
It’s Distinctive Buckle: The GG buckle design is one of the most iconic symbols of fashion. Period. Created in the 1970’s, it brought the fashion brand to new heights. Its presence on this bag brings the emblem back to the fashion fore front. Wear it loud and proud!
Beautiful and Practical: The bag is sturdy yet soft to the touch. Features including its hidden magnetic and zip closures as well as internal pockets which provide the wearer with easy access and plenty of options for storing essentials. The brass chain strap is durable and comfortable. Best of all, it is high fashion approved as seen on the shoulders of celebrities like Sienna Miller and Chiara Ferragni.
Variety: With a number of styles, materials and colors, there is a Marmont to suit any lifestyle and personality type. The different sizes can give you the option of a mini that is great for evenings and totes that are perfect for busy days. In betweens work well for those days when you’re, well, in between.
Fun Factor: The secret heart design on the back is made for your eyes only, and it can put a smile on your face every time!
Versatility: You can wear this purse with just about anything. It offers a great balance of masculine and feminine making it perfect when paired with an elegant dress and heels or boyfriend jeans and a blazer.
Great Vintage Look: Wear it with your favorite faux fur, oversized sunglasses and bell bottoms, and you can see it’s potential to bring back a great 70’s vintage look. This may be due to the buckle which was inspired by one that Gucci designed in back in that era.
And while the bag does provide a great throwback feel, there is something about it that’s distinctly modern, making it great for everyday wear as well.

Gucci Ghost Bag

Those looking for a GG Marmont that really stands out may consider the Gucci Ghost Bag.
Alessandro Michele wanted to create a special line for the Marmont Collection. He collaborated with Trouble Andrew, aka Gucci Ghost, a street artist who incorporated a great modern design into the bag’s exterior. The bags are layered with a graffiti GG and a star pattern.
Another bonus of ordering the Gucci Ghost includes the special edition Gucci Ghost packaging that comes with it!

Where to Get the Look for Less

Of course, Gucci bags are always great investments as they can be sold or used as collateral for a loan at a pawn shop.
Selling at a pawn shop can be a win win situation for everyone involved. The seller benefits with much needed income, the shop benefits by having a great item to sell and the buyer can get a great luxury item at a discounted price.
When thinking of pawn shops to buy and sell at, Boca Raton Pawn is one that comes head and shoulder above the rest. Specializing in luxury, they always have the best items for sale at reasonable prices. Currently they have three Gucci Marmonts for sale. These include:
The Gucci Marmont Small Matelasse Dusty Pink Crossbody Handbag: This small shoulder bag has a softly structured shape, zip top closure with elongated zipper pullers and the signature double G hardware. The chain shoulder strap with a 23.5” drop and leather shoulder detail. The bag is matelassé leather with a chevron design and includes antique gold toned hardware.
The interior of the bag features an open pocket and microfiber lining with a suede like finish. The size of the bag is 10x3x6”.
The bag Boca Raton Pawn has in stock shows signs of normal wear, but no damage anywhere on the purse. It is being sold at the highly discounted price of $1799.
Gucci Marmont Medium Matelasse Dusty Pink Crossbody Handbag: Similar in features to its smaller version, the medium matelasse is softly structured in shape with an oversized flap closure and Double G antique gold toned hardware. Its sliding chain strap can be worn as a shoulder strap with a 22” drop, as a top handle with a 12” drop or a cross body bag. It is made of metalasse chevron leather with a heart on the back.
The bag flap features a spring closure and its interior includes a zipper and smartphone pockets with an open horizontal case for larger phones. The microfiber lining provides a suede like finish. The bag measures 12x3x7.5”.
The handbag BRP has in stock is listed as being in lightly used condition. There is no apparent damage. It is available at the low price of $2399.
Gucci Mini Marmont 2.0 Matelasse Black Handbag: You can wear this as an elegant evening bag or use its key ring to attach it to a separate larger bag making it perfect for easy access to your phone or wallet. It has a softly structured shape and flap closure with gold toned hardware.
It is made of black matelassé chevron leather and has black leather detail. It’s chain shoulder strap has a 23.5” drop. The purse is super mini in size, just 5×8.5×2.5”
The purse BRP has available is described as lightly used with normal wear. It has no obvious signs of damage and it is being sold for just $1699.

More Reasons to Love Boca Raton Pawn

Boca Raton Pawn is a not only a great place to buy luxury items, it’s a great place to sell luxury items or put them up as collateral for a loan. That’s because BRP always offers the highest values and lowest interest rates on items they put up for loan. They offer discreet, fast service that allows you to leave with cash in hand.
If you are thinking of selling your item with BRP, or putting it up for a loan, here are some things you should know in advance:
BRP only accepts select brands of luxury items. Please consult the web site before attempting to sell your item to make sure it will be accepted. They specialize in watches, handbags and jewelry.
The item you are selling must be in good condition and working order to be accepted.
If you have never gotten a loan through a pawn shop before, here’s a bit about how the process works.
When you come in with your item the first step will be to have it appraised. The shop will then offer you a loan that will be for a percentage of the total value of the item. If you agree to their price, the terms of the loan may vary, but you can expect to make regular payments which include interest and fees, until the loan is paid off.
If, for any reason, you are unable to pay off your loan, the shop will keep the item but the loan will never go into collections or end up negatively affecting your credit.
Selling or getting a loan on your luxury item can be a great way to get out of a cash crunch. Boca Raton offers the highest values and lowest prices for your items making them a top choice when it comes to solving your financial woes.
They are also a great place to buy items. Browse their selection to find affordable luxury goods like the Gucci Marmont Metelasses they currently have in stock.

BRP’s exceptional service, great prices and terrific selection make them a top choice for your financial and retail needs.