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Why a Gucci Handbag Can Make a Great Investment

When we think of luxury handbags, the name Gucci instantly comes to mind. The brand is known for its signature interlocking G’s, its innovative styles and its undeniable elegance.
Owning a Gucci can be a life changer for many people. It is the ultimate statement of status and luxury. It can also make a terrific investment that can help you out if you ever find yourself in a financial bind.
But owning one of these handbags can set most people back considerably. Well, read on to find out more about the Gucci company, how owning a handbag can be a great investment and how to get the look for less.

History of Gucci

The first Gucci shop was opened in Florence, Italy in 1920 by Guccio Gucci, a young hotel worker who became impressed with the luxury luggage designs he saw the urbane hotel guests carrying. The shop started out by selling fine leather goods with classic styling and careful attention to detail.
Gucci worked with his sons throughout the years to grow the company and stores soon opened in Milan and Rome while more locations opened in Florence as well. HIs products soon caught the attention of the elite and could be seen being worn by movie stars and jetsetters all over the world.
The company has since brought in billions of dollars in revenue. It has been recognized as being one of Businessweek’s ‘Top Global 100 Brands’ and it is the highest selling Italian brand. Forbes also added it to its list of the World’s Most Valuable Brands.
The brand has expanded to make several products including clothing, shoes, accessories, perfumes and other leather goods but it remains as a forerunner for its handbag collection. Here are some of the collections and styles the brand has been known for throughout history.

Gucci Handbag Features

Handbags made up a big part of Gucci’s leather work and he was innovative in his manufacturing and the selection he offered. He incorporated many features in his designs that would make his brand easily identifiable. Equestrian inspired details were a favorite and were used often due to the culture of many of his rich and privileged customers and their passion for horse riding.
Though the designer was known for his leather making skills, sometimes higher end fabrics were hard to find, particularly during World War II. Therefore, he began branching out using other fabrics like canvas, jute and hemp.
But more than just the materials the designer used, Gucci became creative in the design prints. One of his signature developments is the GG canvas which emerged in the 1960’s. This pattern of diamonds and interlocking G’s became a customer favorite and an instant luxury statement.
Other textile features that withstood the test of time is a red and green racing stripe which was also equestrian inspired derived from a saddle girth.
The Guccissima pattern was a raised pattern that featured textured diamonds and interlocking G’s.
The Gucci Diamante featured the diamond pattern only while the Gucci flora is a famous floral silk print inspired by Grace Kelly.
Beyond textile features, Gucci also incorporates their iconic style into their hardware. Interlocking G pendants can be found hanging off of zippers and strategically placed on the bodies of many of their handbags.
Another great hardware feature is the Gucci Horsebit. This equestrian inspired bit was first seen on loafers but soon became a detail added to the front of some of his designs.
Bamboo handles were another popular feature that came to light in the 1940’s. These were made out of burnishing cane sticks and were added to his bags to make a stylish means of carrying them on the shoulder.
The Gucci crest began appearing on handbags shortly after the war. It showed a shield and armored knight surrounded by a ribbon and was inscribed with the Gucci name. It quickly became a symbol of the city of Florence.
When it comes to creative closures, the piston lock is a feature most closely related to the ‘Jackie Bag’. The Lady Lock, or padlock, is a more recent creation and features the Gucci logo. It is typically made of a shiny metal and suited for bags with more of a minimalist look.

Gucci Stand Out Styles

When we think of the various Gucci collections that have been released over the years, there are a few that stand out. These include the following:
The Jackie: This unstructured, unisex tote was seen being carried by First Lady Jackie Kennedy back in 1961. It was soon renamed as The Jackie and played an integral role in Gucci fashion history.
The Gucci Bamboo: Featuring the aforementioned bamboo handle, these came out in 1941 and were soon a favorite with movie stars like Ingrid Bergman and Elizabeth Taylor. Later on, Princess Diana would also sport this style.
The Gucci Flora: Bearing the floral design inspired by Grace Kelly and released in 1966, these weren’t a critic’s favorite, but fashionistas just couldn’t get enough.
The Gucci Guccissima: This purse was known for featuring the raised interlocking Gs and diamond print. Introduced in 2006, it was known for providing a fresh twist on the classic fabric.
The Gucci Soho Disco: Available in an array of colors, this leather gem has a raised Gucci logo across its front and a stylish tassel coming from the bottom of its strap. Simple and chic, it rests comfortably above the hip and is deceptively spacious.
The Gucci Dionysus: When Alessandro Michele, former head accessories designer at Gucci, rose up in the brand’s ranks, his influence was felt in designs that mixed vintage and fantasy inspiration. One of his better known releases was the Dionysus which featured a sophisticated, structured style and an aged metal clasp tipped with two tiger heads. This was a nod to the god who rode a chariot lead by two tigers.
The Gucci Sylvie: The Sylvie features Gucci’s saddle inspired red and green racing stripes but gives it a modern twist with a chunkier structure and hardware and a smooth leather exterior.
The Gucci Canvas Suitcase: This was one of the first models introduced during the leather shortage of WWII. It features the signature Gucci canvas of diamonds and interlocking G’s. It paved the way for more recent models that also feature the canvas including the GG Supreme.

The GG Supreme

Gucci Boca Raton

The GG Supreme is not so much a style of bag but any bag that features the signature logo canvas. It is called supreme because it is an update on the original canvas with improvements in water resistance and durability.
One style that has gained popularity features a black flap on the signature interlocking G Canvas. This is an elegant shoulder bag with a slim design. It has a padlock closure and a gold chain strap. The interior is a brown microfiber with a zipper and patch pockets.
This bag can easily cost more than $3000 but Boca Raton Pawn has a way you can get the look for less.
Buying used can be a good way to get luxury items at a discount price. But you can never be sure of the item’s authenticity. That’s why a pawn shop can be a great option for getting luxury looks for less.
Pawn shops have gotten a bad rap in the past, but the truth is, many of them are owned by honest businesspeople who are trying to make a trusted name for themselves in their communities. They are also government regulated to make sure that everything they sell is authentic and up to the standards their buyers would expect.
The GG Supreme bag BRP has for sale is described as a Gucci GG Monogram Supreme Medium Padlock Black Leather Shoulder Bag. Its measurements are 11.5” x 6” x 9.25”. It has a gold chain strap that can extend from 10- 18.25”.
The company is very transparent about revealing any signs of damage and goes into extensive detail on the web site concerning any scratches and scuffs. However, the bag is still in very good condition.
But the best thing is the price. BRP has discounted this handbag from the already low price of $2200 and now it is an affordable $1950. And if you can’t make it into the store, you can buy it directly through their web site and have luxury delivered to your doorstep.

Gucci Boca Raton

Your Gucci Bag as An Investment

Pawn shops are more than just great places to buy handbags, they are also great for getting a loan on your luxury items. Here’s a bit about how it works.
Say you are in a financial bind. It may be tempting to sell some of the luxury items you have around your house. However, it is probably difficult to part with these items as they are status symbols that have surely gained in sentimental value as the years have gone by.
Well, there is a way of getting out of your cash crunch without having to part with your luxury item.
All you do is go to the pawn shop with your item. They will assess it to determine its worth. Then they will offer you a loan. The loan will not be for the full value of the item but for a percentage of that amount.
If you agree to the terms of the loan, you will begin making regular payments until the loan is paid off. Once it is paid off, you will be able to get your item back.
If you are unable to pay off the loan, the pawn shop will keep your item, but the unpaid amount will never go into collections or show up as an unfavorable mark on your credit score.

Finding the Best Pawn Shop for Your Luxury Item Loan

If you are looking for a pawn shop for your luxury item loan, its important to be aware that not every pawn shop is created equal. Some will offer higher values and lower interest rates allowing you to get more cash up front and make lower payments over time.
If you are in the South Florida area and looking for a loan on your luxury item, it’s Boca Raton Pawn to the rescue once again! BRP provides the highest values and lowest interest rates to their customers making it easy for them to get out of their financial binds.
But great deals on loans and luxury items isn’t the only reason you will want to make BRP your one stop shop. They also offer terrific customer service. If you are shopping there, they will help you find the luxury items of your dreams. If you are selling or making a loan, they will get you in and out quickly with cash in hand.
And if discretion is an issue while you are getting a loan, no problem. You can call in advance to make a private appointment with one of their brokers where the terms of your loan will be worked out behind closed doors.
If you plan to sell or get a loan at BRP, there are a few things you should be aware of in advance. First, BRP specializes in luxury handbags, watches and jewelry. These are the items we are most likely to buy and sell.
There are also certain designers they prefer to deal with. These designers are listed on their web site. Be sure to consult this list before coming into the shop to sell or to make a loan so that you can find out if your item is likely to be accepted.
Gucci is a top name in luxury designers. Boca Raton Pawn provides ways for you to use your Gucci items to help get you out of a financial bind and get luxury looks for less. Check us to find out how we can help you get a little bit closer to your dreams.